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  • 8 Benefits of Having a Wooden Flooring in your Home
    October 3, 2018


    A dream for all, wooden flooring gives that oomph factor to your home! Its natural sheen and cosy warmth it provides to your feet will surely make your guests go envious. Its ethereal beauty is truly unmatched when it comes to the different types of flooring.

    There are two types of wooden flooring that’s commonly used – one is hardwood and second is its cost-effective alternative, laminate flooring. Irrespective of the type there are umpteen reasons that make wooden flooring a dream come true for your home –


    1. Visual appeal

    The entire ambiance of your home changes if you have wooden flooring. It bestows an exquisite sophisticated feel to your home.

    2. Eco-friendly

    Generally, wooden flooring uses wood, wood waste, sawdust, particles etc. which makes them completed environment-friendly.

    3. Agelessness

    With adequate care and maintenance, wooden floors last a lifetime.

    4. Easy Maintenance

    Upkeep and care for wooden floors aren’t that difficult. Keeping it clean using a vacuum often and polishing it in regular intervals will keep your floor striking and beautiful life-long. Laminate flooring, however, is simpler to clean if there is an effect of moisture.

    5. Value

    Not to mention the value of your home that would shoot up if you have wooden flooring.

    6. Easy Installation

    Laminated wooden flooring can be mounted without much efforts.

    7. Reduced dust

    As wooden flooring doesn’t have places to trap dust and other particles, it is best suited for allergic sensitive people at home. Such type of flooring also possesses a moisture barrier that prevents mold.

    8. Burn and fade resistant

    The magic of laminated wooden floors is that they burn and fade resistant. Direct exposure to sunlight will not fade the color of the floor, also the floor wouldn’t catch burning if for an instance a burning candle or a lamp falls down on the floor.

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