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  • 3 Advantages Of Kid-Centric Homes
    November 9, 2018

    kid centric home - flats in calicut

    Value-added services and themed projects are among the innovative offerings by developers to attract potential home buyers. Kid-centric homes is one such concept that is fast gaining popularity due to the benefits and amenities it offers for the convenience of both the children and their parents.

    Here are some of the advantages of kid-centric homes.

    1. Safety and security
    Kid-centric homes will have features like rounded corners, higher balcony grills, night lights, stairway guards, child-safe switches etc. to ensure the safety of the children so that the parents can be free of concern about the potential harm hiding in plain sight in the house.

    2. Convenient for working parents
    Kid-friendly projects come with daycare facilities and crèche to look after the child when the parents are at work. These facilities are also equipped with a wide range of recreational amenities to ensure the child’s overall development while also assuring the parents that their child is in good hands.

    3. Recreational amenities to promote growth and development
    Kid-centric homes are also equipped with recreational amenities and facilities like classes for music, dance, drawing, art and craft, swimming and coaching for sports. Tuitions to help with academics are also provided at times. All these amenities assure the child’s development both mentally and physically.

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