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  • 3 Efficient lighting tips for your kitchen
    January 25, 2018

    3 Efficient lighting tips for your kitchen

    With changing times, kitchens are facing upgrades to facilitate convenience and also for an aesthetic appeal. Modular kitchens are the new trend welcomed into kitchens and with this arises the need for an efficient lighting system to ensure both safety and aesthetics. Kitchen lighting should be done keeping in mind the various elements like colour scheme, cabinet design and natural lighting.

    Below listed are 3 tips to follow while lighting up a kitchen.

    Available space

    Assessing the actual space available in the kitchen is required to determine the amount of illumination needed. Kitchens with high-ceiling will require more light than that of low-ceiling ones. Also, an open kitchen will need less illumination compared to enclosed ones.

    Colour scheme

    The lighting should complement the colour scheme followed in the kitchen. Colours of cabinets, countertops and even floors should be considered. Dark coloured kitchens will need more light, while pastel shades require less illumination as they tend to reflect light.

    Light placement

    Light fixtures for various spaces should be planned considering the style, brightness levels and purposes. Recessed lighting can be used on the ceilings to illuminate entire space, while pendant lights are efficient at focusing light on a specific spot. Light under cabinets, accent lights inside cabinets and motion activated lights, etc. are some of the practical options available to light up cabinets and cupboards that are usually dark.




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