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  • 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Acoustics
    July 11, 2018

     improve your home’s acoustics

    Acoustics constitute an integral part of home design and aesthetics while also serving a functional purpose. And as noise is considered a major cause for a disturbance in interior space, ensuring good acoustic quality has become mandatory for peaceful living. Home acoustics is also necessary for setting up a comfortable ambience.

    Here are 3 simple and stylish ways to improve the acoustics of your home.

    1. Sound Insulation with Dry Walls

    Gypsum-based dry walls are the latest trend that equally combines and aesthetics and acoustic quality. Compared to traditional masonry construction, partitions by these dry walls are lightweight and provide an improved noise insulation. Equipped to facilitate up to 70 decibels of sound insulation, drywall partitions help prevent the sound travelling from one space to another.

    2. Designer Ceilings

    The fifth wall in the home, the ceilings are often ignored when it comes to décor and design. When redoing the interiors, the ceiling also had to be considered to ensure better sound absorption. Gypsum-based designer ceilings are an effective as well as convenient option to retain the visual aspects of design while managing acoustic quality and reverberation control. Available in a variety of designs, shapes, colours, patterns and finishes, these ceilings cam immensely influence the ambience as well as the sound quality.

    3. Wallpapers

    Wallpapers are the simplest of solutions to diffuse sound in the interiors while also not compromising the appeal of the design. Wallpapers of different varieties are available in the market with a myriad of choice among colour, design, pattern and material.

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