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  • 3 Tips To Manage Home Loan Emis During Financial Crisis
    April 5, 2018

    3 Tips To Manage Home Loan Emis During Financial Crisis

    An applicant should be well aware of the consequences of failing to make the EMI payment before applying for a home loan. He should also be prepared with a backup plan if a situation of financial crisis occurs so as not to be considered as a defaulter by the financial institution.

    Here are 3 smart tips to help manage home loan EMIs during a financial crisis.

    1. Pre-plan

    Making a plan beforehand and spending wisely is important to avert financial crisis. Along with managing credit obligations, it should be made sure that there are no unwanted expenses during difficult times. Saving money beforehand is a wise choice to make in such situations. This will help set aside finance for emergency situations.

    2. Consult financial advisers

    If the repayment obligations are harder to manage, consulting a financial adviser will provide guidance on how to go forward with managing the finances and allocating funds for essential expenses only. A credit bureau can also be sought for help on how to maintain a good credit score and to deal with debts.

    3. Quick repayment

    Increasing the EMI payment every year or making a quick repayment of the principal amount are effective solutions for lessening financial burden. Doing one or the either will lower outstanding principal amount and thus reduces the interest burden on a home loan.

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