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  • 4 Benefits of Buying Ready-To-Occupy Flats
    October 25, 2017

    4 Benefits of Buying Ready-To-Occupy Flats in Calicut


    The latest trend of buying properties in India is witnessing a major incline towards ready-to-occupy flats or ready-to-move-in properties. This shift can be attributed to the innumerable benefits these units offer over prelaunch ones and on-going projects.

    Here are 4 advantages of buying ready-to-occupy flats and apartments.

    No waiting period

    Investing in a prelaunch flat demands a waiting period that can only be expected to end in the near future. It would mostly take months if not years until an owner get to see his home materialise according to the mock-ups or brochures which visualised the unit for his sake. But ready-to-occupy flats hold the advantage of presenting before the investor the unit as it is and ready for immediate use. Besides, one can also move in right away without having to deal with the frustrating delays that will be created by an ongoing construction.

    Assured quality

    When investing on a property, the buyer would want to be convinced of the quality as reassurance of the money he is spending on it. Ready-to-move-in properties offer the advantage of analysing quality with your own eyes as you be will seeing the flat or apartment as it is. But in case of prelaunch properties, you can’t be sure about the quality that was promised until the completed project is delivered. Also at times during the ongoing construction, changes or modifications to the earlier approved plan can be made which compromises the quality.

    Feasibility of loan approvals

    The benefits of home loans can be easily availed for ready-to-occupy flats and apartments as the banks can readily analyse the property for which the loan is sought for. Prelaunch units do not provide this assurance as the project is still under construction.

    No Pre-EMI

    When buying a prelaunch property on loan, you will have to start paying the EMI immediately after registration all through the waiting period also. So you will be losing on money in pre-EMI even before you get the completed project. Ready-to-move-in properties do not require pre-EMIs as you will be paying EMI for something that is completely under your possession.

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