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  • 4 Common Misconceptions About Real Estate
    August 8, 2018

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    Real estate, one among the lucrative investment option is also subjected to suspicion and distrust as many factors influence its success. This can often affect an investor’s interest in the real estate sector.

    Here are the top misconceptions about the real estate industry and the truth about them.

    1. Delay of projects

    It is considered that developers often delay the projects deliberately to make higher profits. The truth is that developers never delay purposefully as delay in completion means added costs of raw materials, workforce and other expenses. The delays are mostly due to delays in the approval process that govern the construction sector.

    2. Buying decision according to market condition

    It is not mandatory that the buying decision should be guided by the market condition as most first-time investors does not take into consideration the market condition. People should be ready for the investment according to their individual affordability. Also, it is vital that the decision is a well-informed one evaluating all the depending factors.

    3. Real estate investment is risky

    Real estate is often tagged as risky investment. But the fact remains that any investment will involve some kind of risk depending on the associated factors. In comparison with other volatile investments like stock market, real estate is stable and often achieve its potential when held for a long time.

    4. Metro cities are always the focus

    It is a common belief that the growth of the real estate sector can only be witnessed in metro cities. In fact, in reality metro cities are getting saturated with new developmental plans. Tier 2 and 3 cities and extended suburbs are now the promising areas with a high concentration of the middle-income group who are the largest driver of residential demand.

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