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  • 4 Decor Tips To Brighten Your Home
    March 13, 2018

    4 Decor Tips To Brighten Your Home

    Home décor plays a key role in enlivening the living spaces. It provides a fresh dimension and design to the interiors while also making it welcoming for the inhabitants. Basic home décor elements also help enhance the attractiveness quotient of the space and brightens it up for a cheerful setting.

    Following are 4 décor tips for effectively brightening up your home.

    1. Bring nature in

    Placing a green plant in the indoor space will instantly enliven it while also being a decorative element. A small potted plant on the centre table in the living area or a vase of fresh flowers are easy ways to elevate the ambience.

    2. Minimalistic furniture

    Bulky furniture have made way for functional minimalistic pieces that facilitate convenience and grace equally. From living room to bedroom to kitchen, follow the idea of incorporating only essential pieces to open up the room and to make it appear brighter.

    3. Create a focal point

    Creating a centre point in a room will help draw attention towards it and boosts the appearance of the space. Anything from an eye catchy art piece in the living room wall to a modern headboard in the bedroom could be this centre point of attraction to enliven the ambience.

    4. Glass elements

    Glass elements like glass separates, flower vase, etc. can complement the look of any room while also opening up the space. These give an illusion of a spacious look to areas that are comparatively smaller in appearance.

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