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  • 4 Easy Tips to Glam up Your Living Room
    June 4, 2018

    4 easy tips to glam up your living room

    The living room should have a welcoming appeal not only for the guests but also for the family as it is one among the most used space in the house. Apart from welcoming the guests, the living room should also serve as a place to relax, gather and spend time with family.

    Here are some tips to give your living room an exciting look

    1. Create different zones
    Divide your living room into different functional zones for effectively utilising the space for different needs. If your living room extends to the dining room, use curtains, wallpaper, rugs and furniture to designate spaces for both uses.

    2. Colour schemes
    A colour palette that opens up space should be employed in the living room. Colours of lighter shades will provide a more sophisticated look and a spacious appeal. Adding flowers, colourful candles and potted plants along with an appealing palette will only increase the natural elegance of the room.

    3. Lighting
    A balanced lighting is inevitable for setting the tone of the house. Choose a suitable lighting scheme which lights up the shadows and dark corners of the living room and makes it a well-lit space. Also, make use of the natural lighting available by setting the furniture in such a way as not to obstruct the light coming in from the windows.

    4. Furniture
    It is not mandatory that new furniture is brought in to glam up the living room. The existing furniture can help revamp the space in a different layout and arrangement. Different type of furniture like sofa sets, bamboo chairs, etc. can be brought together to create different sections in the living room.

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