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  • 4 Efficient Storage Tips to Organize your Home
    February 13, 2019

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    Is there too much clutter in your home? And has that been frustrating you? Even in 3 BHK apartments, placing things without proper organization can make the space crammed up and cluttered. With our need to buy more things outgrowing the ability to store, our homes are left in a mess. By following proper storage tips you can efficiently utilize space by fighting against clutter to have a clean and comfortable living space.

    Follow the below mentioned 4 efficient storage tips for your home to organize things properly:

    1. Multifunctional furniture
    Multifunctional furniture is now in trends due to its versatile functioning. From storage purposes to using it as a décor piece or even for seating, multifunctional furniture is your ideal choice for efficient storage at home. Beds with drawers, convertible sofas, and recliner chairs, foldable tray or coffee tables, lift-top tables, etc, not only helps in saving space but also lets you place them as a décor piece and store things in it.

    2. Kitchen racks, cabinets and rods
    Kitchen areas if organized properly ensure that there is enough and more space to cook and prevent clutter. An efficiently built kitchen area would not need a person to walk back and forth to unload dishwashers, to prepare a meal or to place groceries and utensils. Hanging pots, vessels and spatulas on overhead racks or rods is a lifesaver making it more convenient to reach the necessary vessels while cooking and also gives cabinets and countertops the much-required space to store groceries and other items. Thoughtfully constructed cabinets and overhead racks are very much useful in efficient storage. You can place trash bins in a convertible sink cabinet, place jars and bottles in overhead racks & cabinets and by attaching s-hooks on it you can hang mugs and cups from those overhead racks.

    3. Hang double bars in your wardrobe cabinet
    Your wardrobe cabinet might be the most cluttered place. Make it perform double duty by installing two bars within the cabinet. The first bar can be mounted up high for hanging items you only use once in a while and mount the other one at a waist height to hang clothes used on regular basis. By this not only do you save space but also use the same cabinet for storing multiple things.

    4. Shelves above the doorframe
    Utilizing every possible space at home makes us efficiently store things and installing shelves above doorframes is one among them. Considered to be one of the most underused areas between the doorframe and the ceiling, adding some storage shelves to this area would instantly help you remove all those clutter lying around the room and make more space.

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