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  • 4 Innovative Trends in Ceiling Designs
    May 3, 2018

    4 Innovative Trends in Ceiling Designs

    In interior design, most tend to ignore the fifth wall, the ceiling. It is a popular misconception that the ceilings should be left white when the other walls are painted vibrant colours. On the contrary, attractive ceiling designs can add an appealing charm to any room while also complementing the overall décor.

    Following are some popular trends in ceiling designs to decorate the interiors.

    1.False ceilings

    This is the most widely used ceiling decor method due to its versatility in offering various design options along with a smooth finish. Gypsum sheets and POP ceilings are popular among false ceilings to incorporate steps, curves and other trendy design options in the décor.

    2.Wooden ceilings

    Using wood in a false ceiling helps add a traditional element to the otherwise contemporary design and create a unique blend of both. Wooden beams in geometrical designs are a popular choice for adding wood to the ceiling décor.


    Grills make an innovative addition to the ceiling design. Made of wood fibre, these are a fashionable as well as environment-friendly choices to help create 3D effects. Laser-cut patterns and perforated screens are also adapted as trendy ceiling décor ideas.

    4.Glass ceilings

    Back-lit glass ceilings are experimented by many designers to bring in a contemporary design as well as for a surreal ambience. Glass with matt films along with white lights are used for soft illumination of a room in back-lit glass ceilings.

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