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  • 4 Interior Decor Disasters To Avoid In Your Home
    July 21, 2018

    4 Interior décor disasters to avoid in your home

    Interior decor can make and break the appeal of any home. And so it is vital to ensure that a good interior design should be employed to make the space welcoming while also reflecting a strong personality for the house.

    Here are the common décor disasters that one should be careful to avoid in their homes.

    1. Imbalanced décor
    Interior designers always highlight the need to maintain a balance in the décor. An affinity to a particular colour should not be showcased by decorating the whole house in that colour. Adding matching furniture set of the same colour will also bring down the welcoming appeal.

    2. Clutter
    A home should not become a display centre for souvenirs and family heirlooms. Even though add these to the décor brings a personalised touch, it should be done in moderation. It is always recommended to choose those items that go with the decor.

    3. Poor lighting
    Lighting is influential in changing the mood of the room. Different lights are attributed with different functionalities. Fluorescent lights are ideal for reading, while white LEDs provide a warm and welcoming ambience for guests. Multiple bright overhead lights are to be avoided and ensure a balance between floor lamps, overhead lights and reading lamps.

    4. Mismatched furnishings
    Mismatched furniture is also a big no-no in décor. It is recommended to follow a theme and buy furniture as well as furnishings to complement that theme. Replacing old furniture should only be after ensuring that the new ones go with the existing décor. Do not mix and match different styles of furniture, if not sure about the outcome.

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