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  • 4 Mistakes To Avoid While Making A Real Estate Investment In Calicut
    May 2, 2017

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    In the current market scenario of Calicut, when we think of investments, there can be nothing better than investing in a residential property. Calicut has developed tremendously in a faster manner in the recent years and many more people are coming to the city in search of career and better resources. And if you are looking for an investment which can deliver assured returns, you should always go for a residential apartment or property.  And probably it’s a good time to invest in residential property, since the city is witnessing a steady demand and appreciation for residential living spaces over the last few years. But investing in a right project at right time is a wise decision and should be alert of the mistakes that we make while making a real estate investment in Calicut.

    Here are the 4 mistakes that one should avoid while investing in a residential property.

     1. Market Trend

    Analysing the current market trends and changes is of utmost importance, since many more builders and real estate agents are making eye-catching campaigns to attract the buyers and investors. Make a proper study on the ongoing real estate trends and always keep in mind that a small mistake can create a heavy impact on the pockets.

     2. Property

    It’s the prime thing to be checked while investing in a residential property. The location, structure and nature of the property plays an important role in the appreciation rate and happiness inside the home. It is always important to check the property from inside an outside and make sure that these no chance of damages or problems before making the payments.

     3. Budget

    Before planning to invest in a property, make a proper financial plan suiting with your pocket. And always beware of the expenses like taxes, agreement costs and other unnecessary costs and it’s better to keep a backup plan to meet all these expenses.

     4.  Know Your Needs

    It’s very important to know the requirements of you and your family. Choose projects according to your lifestyle and the number of occupants. Now we commonly see a trend of people borrowing money from banks and leading funding organisations to purchase the property. Never spend or invest too much money in buying the property since you won’t be able to get the returns in the initial years and at the same time you will have to pay your loan EMIs on time. And this may be heavy on the pockets and may lose your financial balance.

    It’s good to keep these above mentioned key points in mind, so that you can avoid mistakes while investing in a residential apartment or property in calicut.

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