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  • 4 Points To Bear In Mind Before Lighting Your Home
    June 7, 2017

    lighting in flats and apartments in calicut

    Lighting performs the functions of a guide and an influencer in every home, it leads you to different parts of your home and also regulates your performance, say a well- placed light source affects the ease with which you read and learn. On top of that it’s capable of enhancing the beauty of every article in your home.  The artefacts, the furniture and the wall hangings make your home exquisite in their own ways, but a bad lighting can ruin them all.  Thus it’s necessary that you avoid even the silliest mistake when lighting your dream home. Following 4 points will help you light your home better.

     1. Use Dimmer Switches

    Light switches that you use fundamentally work on two modes- on and off, then what if you need a lighting that is not too bright! This is where dimmers come into play, they help you to adjust your lighting according to your need and mood. Consequently they are capable of adjusting the voltage cutting down your electricity consumption and give your light sources longer lives.

     2. Understand the ‘layers of light’

    ‘Layers of light’ is something that all of you are already aware, yet you tend to make mistakes while choosing right lights here. Generally, there are 3 layers of light- ambient light, task light and finally accent light. Ambient lighting is the general lighting that brightens the entire room uniformly, it’s a norm for all your rooms. Now comes task lights which let you perform a particular task like table lamps for reading, lights over the dresser or the kitchen counter lights. Lastly, accents lights are used to focus a specific area, say an artwork hung on wall. The cue is to understand the activities carried out in every room and choose the different layers of lights accordingly.

     3. Use mirrors

    The utilities of mirrors are multifarious, they form a perfect home decor, makes a small room look bigger and would enhance lights in your interiors too! Mirrors reflect light that falls on them, so place a mirror opposite to your windows such that the light falls on it and gets reflected brightening up the room. This way you can maximize the effect of natural light. Similarly fixing mirrors opposite to the interior light sources will help you enjoy maximum light in your home. If your room is cramped, mirror your closet doors, it not only brightens your room but also gives it an enlarged look.

     4. Know where do shadows form

    Though sometimes used to give a new feel to your home, shadows in the functional areas have to be strictly avoided. Switch on your lights during a night and see where the shadows are casted before you permanently fix them, lest they will end up in leaving your room in dark. For instance, placing lights directly over mirror in bathroom is a common mistake that everyone commits. It will only cast shadow on your face, to avoid this, place lights on either sides of the mirror. Hence placing the light sources right is also an important step towards perfect lighting.


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