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  • 4 Popular Trends Seen In Luxury Apartments in Calicut
    December 5, 2017

    4 Popular Trends Seen In Luxury Apartments in Calicut

    Luxury living has now become the de facto standard in urban lifestyle. Apartment dwelling has grown from the standard requirements of pools, health club, private gardens and scenic views and has reached sophisticated concepts of high-end automated living spaces designed with exotic themes and with global standards.

    Here are 4 growing trends in the luxury housing segment.

    1. Home automation

    Advanced technology are now being welcomed into luxury apartments through facilities like light and temperature control, hi-tech security and monitoring devices and in-house entertainment features. Enhanced control over gadgets and appliances and wireless automation solutions are other highlights that builders are incorporating in premium projects to suit the luxury lifestyle of prospective buyers.

    2. Branded homes

    Builders and developers are tying up with established names like international designers, architects and celebrities to offer living spaces that boast of globally acclaimed attributes and glamorous amenities. Developers are also providing plush homes managed by five-star hotels and world-class concierge services in collaboration with hospitality chains. The concept of branded residences are majorly concentrated to the niche segment of well-travelled Indians like entrepreneurs and celebrities.

    3. Affordable luxury

    The relatively new phenomenon of affordable luxury offers high-end amenities at a lower price than that of traditional luxury housing and so has become an attractive option for a wider segment of buyers. Affordable luxury projects provide luxuries such as larger spaces, advanced security, posh interiors and other high-end amenities in an attractive pricing that is in par with the aspirations of mid-segment buyers.

    4. Themed projects

    Theme based projects is another luxury housing trend that has caught the whim and fancy of modern home buyers by lending an exotic and exclusive appeal to homes. Sports themes and acclaimed architectural styles like vintage or Victorian or European are the common themes that builders represent in their projects. Apart from a central theme of the whole project, individual residential spaces are also designed with special themes.

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