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  • 4 Reasons To Choose Apartments With CCTV Surveillance System
    November 9, 2017

    4 Reasons To Choose Apartments and Flats in Calicut With CCTV Surveillance System

    Apartments are generally safer than independent houses because of the presence of security guards and restricted access to outsiders. But nowadays, builders are adding an extra layer of security with CCTV surveillance system to monitor the premise at all times.

    Here are 4 benefits offered by CCTVs in an apartment complex.

     1. Safer public spaces

    Common but deserted areas like lobby, corridors, elevators, stairs, parking spaces, recreational areas, etc. in an apartment can be constantly monitored through CCTVs to ensure the safety of the residents while making use of the amenities. The system will also prevent the utilising of these deserted spaces by miscreants.

     2. Reduces crime

    The feeling of a watchful eye over one is always said to make one conscious of his or her doings. In this case, the CCTV system acting as a watchful eye will make residents aware of their actions and also reminds that they will not be able to get away with any wrongdoings.

     3. Constant monitoring

    During a special occasion or celebration in the building, the surveillance system will help in the lookout for any misconduct or misbehaviours that will be hard for the security guards to make notice of in a crowd. CCTVs will also help keep tab of scattered residents in the premises during a party or celebration night.

     4. Maintains records

    If there is a suspicion of any occurrences of inappropriate conduct by residents or law breaking, the investigating authority can always turn to CCTV surveillance records to get a clear picture before arriving at a final decision. From fights between children to tiffs and quarrels between neighbours to crimes, everything will be documented in the system along with the time and date of the event as a solid evidence.

    Ladder Kerala, one of the most sought after builders of premium flats and apartments in Calicut for sale, offers luxury living spaces in their flagship project Ladder Mankav Greens. Equipped with round the clock CCTV surveillance system, the project offers a secure premise for the peaceful living of its inhabitants.