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  • 4 Reasons Why Smart Homes Are Gaining Popularity In Calicut
    December 15, 2017

    4 Reasons Why Smart Homes Are Gaining Popularity In Calicut

    Technological advancement have found its way into the residential market with the advent of smart homes. Hi-tech features and amenities are now retrofitted into apartments and flats to facilitate convenience and comfortable living in an urban lifestyle.

    Here are 4 reasons why smart homes are becoming a booming trend in real estate sector of Calicut.

    1. Tech-savvy customers

    Today’s home buyers are quick to realise the changing trends in technology and are keen to incorporate them in their homes as well. And as builders are aware of this tech-savvy passion, smart features like automated home, climate control, remote access of home appliances etc. are introduced in luxury homes.

    2. High standard of living

    The rise in disposable income among prospective home buyers have resulted in them desiring for a high standard of living complemented by luxury amenities. And the smart home segment is equipped to give them that accompanied by the ease of convenience of doing things around their home.

    3. Energy efficiency

    Reduced power consumption is one of the highlights of smart homes as they are designed keeping in mind the need to cut down electricity bills. Smart homes make a worthy investment which ultimately saves your money in the long run.

    4. Security

    Security systems are also facing technological advancements to offer modern-day solutions for safeguarding the house and the property. CCTV Surveillance systems, video door phones, LCD peephole viewer, etc. are some of the advanced features included in smart homes nowadays.

    Ladder Kerala, one of the key players in Calicut’s real estate segment of luxury flats and apartments for sale in calicut, integrates the idea of smart homes in their premium flagship project Ladder Mankav Greens. Laden with luxury amenities and world-class facilities, the project is the perfect abode for a joyous urban lifestyle.