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  • 4 Reasons That Make Calicut One of the Most Liveable Cities in India
    September 26, 2018

    Calicut is ranked as one of the top cities on the liveability index in South India because of its phenomenal growth in the recent years. The city offers a complete package of everything a home buyer might dream of.

    Here are few factors that make Calicut one of the most liveable cities in India –

    1. IT Hub

    Growth of Calicut is majorly because of the IT revolution in the city that has brought across improved infrastructure. Several multi-national companies and brands have their base in the city leading to an incredible growth in the job and career opportunities for people all around. Also, more employment and better pay have led to an enhanced lifestyle, making Calicut more vibrant than ever.

    2. Strong Social Infrastructure

    Calicut is truly blessed with a robust social and civic infrastructure majorly because of the rise of IT and other industrial developments. From malls, multiplexes, schools and hospitals, you name it and the city has it all, infact many of them close to several residential projects paving way for a hassle-free living.

    3. Connectivity

    A city is majorly tagged liveable because of its connectivity quotient and transportation facilities. Calicut is well connected to all the leading cities in the state and outside. The city also has all transportation means viz. rail, air, water and road offering great connectivity and hassle-free commute to its residents.

    4. Range of Residential Projects to choose from

    Rise of many IT companies and industrial giants has led to an increase in the demand for residential spaces in Calicut. Several leading builders within the state and outside have many quality residential projects in the city to attract the buyers.

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