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  • 4 Simple Ways to an Energy Efficient Home
    July 19, 2017

    4 Simple Ways to an Energy Efficient Home

    The use of power effectively is the simplest solution for cutting down your mounting bills. ‘Energy efficiency’ is no rocket science, a little care and effort from your part can help you save electricity. Here are few simple ways to develop an energy efficient home-

     1. Shield your windows

    Traditionally, windows of our houses were made of wood such that closed windows prevented unnecessary heat from entering interiors. Modern homes are furnished with windows made of glass and it attracts a lot of heat inside calling up for high energy consumption. So, the best way to an energy efficient home is insulating your windows. You may style the insulation according to your choice; bamboo shades are a good option.

     2. Cold water for washing

    Did you know that of all its functions, a washing machine utilizes the highest amount of electricity to heat the water? Well, yes. Thus always choose cold water for your washing machine whenever possible to considerably reduce energy the consumed.

     3. Keep your refrigerator full

    Keeping your refrigerator and freezer full is a very simply but effective means to save energy. This is because, when you open the fridge cold air escapes and the warm air from outside finds a way in. When a fridge is kept full, there is very less air space, less amount of cold air escapes out as you open it and thus the fridge needs to work only lesser.

     4. Vampire power

    Many devices like TV, microwaves, printers etc. consume a standby power even when they are not in use. This is known as vampire power which can be saved by simply unplugging the devices that are not in use.

    Apart from these, a little bit of care taken to turn off lights and fans after use, choosing only LED bulbs to light your homes and the use of power strips would help you towards building an energy efficient home.

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