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  • 4 Steps To Follow While Evaluating A Real Estate Developer
    December 4, 2017

    4 Steps To Follow While Evaluating A Real Estate Developer in Calicut

    Buying a home is an important life decision as you will be investing your hard money for fulfilling your family’s desire of a dream home. So, before initiating the sales process, you should be well informed about the choices available among developers, housing types and finances involved. Of these, selecting a good builder comes at utmost priority as the builder or developer is one of the key determining factors for the authenticity and quality of the project.

    Here are 4 steps to follow while analysing a builder or real estate developer.

    Background check

    An extensive background check is unavoidable while choosing a builder. The buyer should be well aware of the type of projects undertaken and successfully completed by the builder to ensure their work quality and reputation. It is also important that the developer be a key player in the real estate market and not someone rarely known.


    It is vital to be assured about the financial standing of the builder before investing your money in their project. Analysing the developer’s finances and the source of their funds help determine their success rate in financial management and in turn their ranking in the real estate sector.

    Legal opinion

    Consulting a lawyer is advised to get help in understanding the legal loopholes in property documentation before investing your money. Documents relating to land acquisition, bank loans, building approvals and local authority verifications should be subjected to scrutiny by a legal expert to ensure no foul play is involved.


    Always check the rating of the builder or developer in trusted websites or portals that ranks key players in the real estate market based on their quality and performance. This also give you a brief on what makes the builder stand out from their competitors and about the innovative ideas they are introducing into the market. And since most of the reviews are given by customers itself you will be able to do better assessment.

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