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  • 4 Tips For Designing A Modular Kitchen
    November 22, 2017

    4 Tips For Designing A Modular Kitchen

    Modular kitchens are the whim and fancy among women folk when it comes to designing a kitchen. Gone are the days of bulky gas stoves, stacked utensils and bare racks that make the kitchen look cluttered. Elegancy and efficiency are now ushered into the kitchens with innovative modular designs. Modular kitchens utilise space to the maximum while also adding a contemporary touch to it.

    Here are 4 tips for designing a modular kitchen in your home.

     1. Cabinets and wall units

    Perched on the wall, these units offer enough slots to store provisions and cutlery without interfering in the work space on the counter top. Wood, MDF, boiling water resistant plywood, etc. are preferred material for building kitchen cabinets.

     2. Built-in gadgets

    Electric appliances and gadgets like chimney hob, oven, dishwasher, etc. organised as built-in unit save space on the counter top while also making cooking easier. These built-in gadgets add a fancy touch to the kitchen without being bulky stand-outs.

     3. Spice racks and storage units

    An open or closed rack lends ease of access to frequently used spices and condiments. Storage unit options such as corner carousel units, vertical units, vegetable storage trays, etc. help manage cookware and provisions effectively within the available space.

     4. Soft closing cabinet doors

    Wall units and cabinets now come with soft closing or hydraulic hinges on the doors or drawers to provide easy pull and push solutions while accessing the contents inside. These hinges also ensure durability, safety and easy maintenance.

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