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  • 4 Tips To Improve Natural Lighting In Your Home
    April 5, 2018

    4 Tips To Improve Natural Lighting In Your Home

    Sustainable practices at home should aim for reducing power consumption considerably and to promote efficient practices that conserve energy. Integrating natural lighting methods at home will significantly bring down the electricity bill while also setting up a lively ambience inside.

    Here are 4 tips to increase natural lighting in your home.

    1. Windows

    Windows are the simplest ways to allow natural light into the interiors. The amount of light entering through each depends on the size and type. Also, if the walls near the windows are kept in light colours, sunlight will be reflected to a wider area. Coloured window sills and adjustable glass panes in windows are also helpful in adjusting light in the room.

    2. Sheer curtains

    Even if the windows let in ample amount of light, the presence of a thick and dark curtain can obstruct it. Sheer curtains in light colours or translucent shades will not block natural light while also offering adequate privacy.

    3. Mirrors

    Strategically placing of mirrors inside the house will help amplify the ambient light. Reflective surfaces placed opposite to the windows will also help maximise the effect of light entering the room.

    4. Ceilings

    Sunlight will be able to bounce around more in higher ceilings. Painting ceilings in white or colours lighter than the wall will also help amplify natural light and creates an illusion of more vertical space.

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