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  • 4 Tips To Make Your Apartment Look Bigger
    January 15, 2018

    4 Tips To Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

    Apartments are generally considered to be less spacious than independent homes. And due to the same reason, many home buyers hesitate from owning an apartment. But in reality, if enough consideration is given in organising the space properly, it can essentially make any apartment look bigger and spacious.

    Below listed are 4 tips to help the apartment appear spacious.

    1. Lighting

    Natural lighting can do wonders when it comes to opening up the space. The light streaming in through the windows can lit up the interiors while also providing a welcoming ambience. When using artificial lighting, it is best to go for ceiling lights for wider area of coverage than wall scones and tube lights that many not give the desired effect.

    2. Furniture

    Furniture need not be bulky always. Choose compact ones for optimal usage of space. Portable and transforming furniture are all the craze these days for the increased functionality and contemporary appeal they offer.

    3. Walls

    The vertical space inside the home comes in handy when you want to de-clutter the floor to make the space look bigger. Wall cabinets and fitted racks can be used to organise daily-use items as well as decorative elements.

    4. Wall colours

    Using monotone shades are also helpful in making the apartment look spacious. Give different colours for the bedroom, living room and kitchen. Natural colours, pastel shades, white and cream are considered to open up the space really well.

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