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  • 4 Ways To Ensure Fire Safety In Your Home
    March 7, 2018

    4 Ways To Ensure Fire Safety In Your Home

    Fire safety measures have to be a mandatory concern while ensuring the safety inside a home. But many tend to ignore the fact and decide to do something about it only when in time of emergency.

    Here are 4 effective measures to ensure fire safety in your home.

    1. Smoke alarm

    Installing a smoke alarm will help immediately notice any ongoing fires or dangerous smokes from electrical appliances. Ensure the proper working of these alarms for effective prevention of tragedies.

    2. Fire fighting instruments

    It is now mandatory in many residential projects, flats and apartments to install at least one fire fighting instrument inside the house if not one in every room. The family members should also be trained to use these instruments in case of any emergencies.

    3. Inspect electrical appliances and switches

    It is vital to ensure the proper functioning of electrical appliances, switches and sockets to prevent any overloading or short circuits which are the most common causes for house fires.

    4. Make escape plans

    Know your building structure and learn about the escape routes devised for emergency evacuations in case of a fire mishap. One should also know about the safe assembly points designated to escape tragedies.

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