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  • 4 Ways To Measure The Construction Quality Of A Project
    November 28, 2017

    4 Ways To Measure The Construction Quality Of A Project

    The quality of construction is one among the predominant factors to consider while deciding to buy a flat or an apartment. It is vital to confirm the promised quality to ensure the safety and security, while also to assure the resale value of the project.

    Here are 4 ways to help measure the construction quality of a project.

     1. Strong structural design

    Understanding the structural design of the project is important in determining its quality. It is always better to get an expert opinion on the design by the project architect to get a thorough assessment regarding the building’s strength to withstand earthquakes of certain magnitudes.

     2. Quality external fixtures

    Always verify the quality of external fixtures like bathroom fittings, electrical wiring, etc. to ensure that they won’t malfunction and cause discomfort or pose danger for the inhabitants of the flat or apartment. Quality standards like ISO on the fittings help assure the quality without any discrepancies.

     3. Safe paints

    The quality of the paints used should not be checked only on the basis of its visual appeal. It should be ensured that the paints and exterior emulsions are weatherproof and long-lasting, while also providing longevity to the walls or wooden surfaces they are applied on.

     4. Even plastering on outer walls

    The plastering on outer walls should be even and if there any uneven cracks, it indicates a lack of quality check during the foundation work. Also, cracks on the plastering inside the apartment shows that the concrete mix used was not of good quality. Always ensure that the materials used for foundation works are of the utmost quality so as to confirm that the structure is safe and robust.

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