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  • 5 Advantages of Living in a Mall-cum-Apartment Project
    December 19, 2018

    5 Advantages of Living in a Mall-cum-Apartment Project


    Imagine you live right inside a shopping mall, far-fetched fantasy, isn’t it? A home right inside a Mall is nothing but ultimate expediency of having everything you need right at your doorstep! Be it a slice of the fast-paced life, dynamic ambiance, constant buzz or the seamless convenience of getting everything under one roof, your every day is special in a Mall-cum-Apartment project.

    Given below are few key benefits of living in a Mall-cum-Apartment project –

    1. Lifestyle
    You don’t miss on much if you’re staying in a mall. Shopping malls are the trendsetters and staying in a mall means being up-to-date with these trends. Be it your food habit, sense of fashion or technology or the movies, your lifestyle is strongly influenced by these trends.

    2. Convenience
    Convenience is the most fundamental of all features of living in a Mall. From grocery shopping to gadgets to fashion, a step away from your home is all you need to fill in your requirements.

    3. Safety
    Malls come with extra safety and security tag. 24×7 CCTV surveillance and round-the-clock security guards will keep your home safe and secure.

    4. Entertainment
    A Mall-cum-Apartment project befits to be an ideal destination for all your entertainment needs. Watch movies, shop till your hands ache, have fun like there is no tomorrow!

    5. Accessibility
    A primary factor that sets apart living in a Mall-cum-Apartment project is the ease of access. Shopping centres automatically become a terminus for public transportation, and also have their own list of cabs plying in the area. Hence, it’s very easy for you to commute either to work or travel. Also, it’s quite a relaxation for your guests or visitors when they want to visit your apartment.

    In this dynamic and fast-paced life, an apartment that provides the best of the world at your doorstep is something you should probably consider making your own. One of the flagship projects of Ladder Kerala, leading builders in Calicut and Kerala, Ladder Indian Mall and Residency is one-of-a-kind apartment project in the heart of Manjeri that not only gives you the wide-ranging benefits of staying in a mall but also the premium amenities and luxuries of an apartment space.

    For details on the Project – https://ladderkerala.com/ladder-indian-residency/