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  • 5 Advantages Of Vitrified Tiling
    November 3, 2017

    5 Advantages Of Vitrified Tiling

    When it comes to deciding on the flooring of your home, there are many different types available in the market with each unique from the other on the basis of appearance and quality. But vitrified tiles are the one that is highly preferred these days to the supreme quality it offers.

    Here are 5 advantages of vitrified tiling that make it ideal for your home.

     1. Diverse types

    Vitrified tiles are available in myriad types with unique differences in colour, shade, shape, polish, glaze and thickness. Tile printing is also available for vitrified tiling, making a vast possibility of designs available for a variety of purposes.

     2. Aesthetic appeal

    These tiles boast of high aesthetic appeal as they reflect more and are bright than other types. Vitrified tiles can even be matt finished to tone down the brightness according to the wall colour.

     3. Durability and strength

    Made with silica and clay, vitrified tiles are strong compared to marble or granite which are prone to breakage. Even though these are lighter and thinner than marble or granite, they are more durable and can withstand scratches making them last long without compromising on looks and quality.

     4. Less absorption

    Vitrified tiles do not absorb moisture and so are easy to clean. This property also enables them to last long without getting stained. Cleaning and maintenance becomes easy with these tiles.

    5. Suitable for any type of flooring

    Vitrified tiles are suitable for flooring requirements ranging from home to a banquet hall. As they can be manufactured in any colour, shape or texture according to the floor, vitrified tiles are the best option for diverse flooring needs.

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