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  • 5 Benefits Of Living In a Duplex Apartment
    October 14, 2017

    5 Benefits Of Living In a Duplex Apartment

    Duplex apartments are premium living spaces which includes all the advantages of living in a large house. Designed to accommodate quality living, these units offer tremendous benefits as opposed to other space-constrained designs.

    Here are 5 amazing benefits of living in a duplex apartment

     1. Spacious interiors – A duplex provides large living spaces sprawling across 2 floors. The ample amount of space offered by the duplex will let you enjoy quality living to great extends. The extraordinary dimension grants enough space for every member in the family and also helps every one create their own private space.

     2. Supreme architectural design – Being a sought-after dimension for luxurious living, duplex apartments are crafted to perfection with world-class designs and stunning interiors. Incorporating all the necessities of urban living, these spaces are also the ideal retreat for one craving for the modern lifestyle.

     3. Ultra-spacious balconies – Duplex apartments boast of large balconies that are equipped to transform into your own outdoor space within the confines of privacy. Along with being a spot to enjoy fresh air and natural light, these balconies can contribute to green living by being a landscaped area or as a garden that receives ample amount of sunlight.

     4. Picturesque views – Positioned on the top floors of the building, duplex apartments offer spectacular views of the surroundings. And you would be able to revel in these amazing sceneries from both the floors of your apartment. Thus making your home your most favourite place to unwind and relax taking in the beauty of the nature.

     5. Natural light and fresh air – The strategic location of the duplex apartment within the building lets in ample amount of natural lighting and fresh air into your home. The naturally lit living spaces and abundance of fresh air aid for healthy living while also keeping away the harmful effects of pollution.

    Ladder Kerala, one of the sought after builders of flats and apartments in Calicut offers duplex apartments in their flagship project titled Ladder Mankav Greens. Designed with world-class standards and equipped with most-modern amenities, these luxurious living spaces redefine modern living in all its glory.