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  • 5 Benefits Of Living In The Top Floor Of Flats And Apartments
    October 27, 2017

    5 Benefits Of Living In The Top Floor Of Flats And Apartments in Calicut


    The idea of buying a flat or apartment requires much contemplation regarding various factors. And one such factor is to decide on the ideal floor to live in a high rise building. The preference of top floor are voiced by many flat dwellers owing to the benefits it provides.

    Here are 5 advantages of living in the top floor of a flat or apartment.

     1. Peaceful

    One of the main benefits of living on the top floor is that there are no neighbours living above your floor to cause disturbances such as pushing around the furniture or foot stomping. You will get to live in a peaceful and noise-free environment.

     2. Privacy

    Lower floor levels experience more foot traffic when compared to top floors as people will be constantly passing by to use the lifts, staircases or lobby. The top floor will most probably be isolated from these and is also away from the distractions of the busy roads nearby.

     3. Scenic views

    The top floor enjoys the most scenic views of the surroundings and becomes a vantage point for you to revel in the beauty of the nature. Waking up to the rising sun to enjoying picturesque views from the balcony to watching the moonlit sky up close are some of the unparalleled benefits of living in the top most floor.

     4. Ample lighting and ventilation

    Flats and apartment on the top floor receive ample amount of natural lighting and breeze moving in as there are no obstructions to hinder the sunlight and wind reaching your balconies or windows compared to the shadows cast by the neighbouring buildings on the lower floor levels. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of naturally lit interiors with good ventilation when residing on the top floor.

     5. Stay Warm

    A flat in the top floor saves you from freezing in the chilly winters as your home will stay toasty warm than the cold lower floors.

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