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  • 5 common home defects that may cost a fortune, if unaddressed
    July 22, 2019


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    Home owners often tend to ignore minor defects in décor or structure of the home and would postpone fixing the same until it requires immediate action. Minor defects are signs or symptoms of a bigger problem that may burn a hole in your pocket, if ignored. And thus, it is wise to address the problem in its early stage to avoid spending a fortune repairing it. Take a look at some of the defects that require a quick fix:

    1. Dampness

    Dampness on walls is a common problem faced by homeowners but they often wait for it to go away on its own. This defect aggravates during the rainy season and to cover it various remedies are followed like using tiles, which would only worsen the situation. If left unchecked, the defect on the walls could even reach the foundation.

    2. Leaking taps

    This is not a good sign and needs immediate fixing as it indicates a flaw in the plumbing system. Though it would be an expensive and cumbersome process, a flawed plumbing system must be addressed at the earliest to avoid further damages. One of the many reasons for dampness in walls is due to leaking taps.

    3. Voltage fluctuations

    One of the major things that need a regular check is the wiring system at home. If any one of the tube light or bulb starts flickering or if the fan makes a whizzing sound while switching it on or off indicates a problem with wiring. In such situations, get an electrician checked in order to avoid a blackout caused due to failed wiring system.

    4. Pests

    Having pests like cockroaches, rats and ants at home is a major reason for spreading bacteria and diseases, and it also causes a great deal of damage to the foundation of your home. Following home remedies are temporary solutions but it requires pest control services and regular checks to keep them at bay.

    5. Broken tiles

    Tiles are brittle but they constitute a major part of the home, starting from flooring to walls and ceiling. If some of the tiles are broken, it is almost impossible to find the exact one in the market but that should not let you leave it unaddressed. By ignoring the damage, the home owner is paving way to injuries and more damage to the remaining tiles. Either, have additional tiles stocked up at home to use in situations like these, else use a different tile that goes in sync with the tone and texture of the existing tiles.