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  • 5 Errors To Avoid In Kitchen Design
    January 4, 2018

    5 Errors To Avoid In Kitchen Design

    The designs of a kitchen should combine aesthetics and functionality in equal proportions to make the space appealing as well as providing ease to perform activities. But most homeowners tend to neglect the functionality part and only pays attention to the design.

    Following are  errors to avoid while designing a kitchen.

    1. Incorrect cabinet height

    Wrong cabinet height and depth limit the storage space. Design of the cabinets should be in such a way to ensure optimum utilisation of vertical space. The minimum width and height to be maintained for kitchen cabinets are 60 cm and 220 cm respectively.

    2. Low counter-top

    Lower the height of the counter-top, higher the chances of inconvenience in working in the kitchen. Also, if the counter-top is kept high than the standard size, it will be difficult for other family members to use it.

    3. Faulty doors

    Incorrect placement of doors and drawers may result in them clashing against each other when opened together. Appliances like refrigerator and oven should also be placed correctly to avoid clashing doors.

    4. Cluttered counter space

    When making counter spaces decorative, most homeowners forget that they are taking away the functionality of it. For an efficient use of countertop space, the placement of sink, stove and countertop racks should be well-planned and should facilitate ease of usage.

    5. Large appliances on small space

    While upgrading to large bench-top appliances, it should be ensured that there is enough space on the counter-top to accommodate them. If these appliances are placed on smaller spaces it will create crammed up areas in the kitchen which will hinder the work flow.

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