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  • 5 Factors That Determine A Secure Neighbourhood
    January 8, 2018

    5 Factors That Determine A Secure Neighbourhood

    When shifting to your new home, you essentially become a part of the neighbourhood too. A perfect locality that meets your requirements should also be a secure neighbourhood.

    Here are 5 critical factors that the locality should have to be safe and secure.

    1. Low air and noise pollution

    You need to visit the neighbourhood different times of the day to ensure the levels of air and noise pollution in the locality. Proximity to railway tracks, sewage, traffic, stagnant lake, etc. can pose serious health hazards in the years to come.

    2. Low crime rate

    It is one of the critical factor in deciding the safety in the neighbourhood. Online research and information from the nearest police station will help you get an idea about the crime-related incidents in the area.

    3. Family friendly

    Residential neighbourhood with families are highly favourable locations. With many families in the vicinity, it gives you opportunities to interact and also helps the children socialise. The availability of children’s parks and gardens are also determining factors for a family friendly neighbourhood.

    4. Sidewalks

    Sidewalks are other indicative factors of a good neighbourhood. Your trips to grocery stores, evening walks and leisure walk with strollers are facilitated by sidewalks as a safe and convenient option.

    5. Good schools

    The proximity to highly rated schools is also a decisive factor in choosing a neighbourhood. If you have children or is planning to start a family soon, a locality with ease of access to schools and playgroups should be of top priority.

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