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  • 5 Features of Calicut that Makes It Different
    January 6, 2019

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    It’s about the aroma in Calicut! The first thing you notice as you step down in the beautiful city is the tempting aroma of the delicious foods. Not to mention the vintage essence of the city that shapes up to be the most charming sight to come across while traveling.

    Here are 5 features that make Calicut different from the other cities –

    1. Food
    If there is a heaven on Earth for food, it is here! From different varieties of Pathiri to delicious Chicken and Mutton delights, from piping hot Sulaimani to fried ice creams, from Chatti pathiri to Pazhamnirachathu, Calicut is a paradise for food lovers. The city is crammed with some of the well-known restaurants, eateries and food joints. Made with so much love and care, each and everything you taste would surely make the fervent foodie inside you come out.

    2. Architectural heritage
    Calicut was given the tag of “City of Sculptures” in the year 2012 owing to the many architectural sculptures around the city. This amazing architecture reflects its unique vintage charm.

    3. Culture
    The best part of Calicut is its multi-cultural mix which ensures that all the festivals and occasions like Eid, Onam, Vishu and Christmas are celebrated in much pomp. The place is famous for ghazals and folk songs known as Vadakkan Pattukal. Thirayattamone of the major forms of folk arts is a tropical ritualistic performing art form of Kozhikode.

    4. People
    People in Calicut are known for their hospitality. Very simple, generous and kind-hearted, the chances of you getting cheated or duped by rickshaw drivers, vendors or localities in Calicut are very less.

    5. Beaches
    From the famous Kozhikode beach to Kappad beach, Beypore beach, Payyoli Beach, Parappally Beach, Calicut is famous for its scenic surroundings and lush backdrops.

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