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  • 5 Habits That Every Homebuyer Should Avoid
    December 27, 2017

    5 Habits That Every Homebuyer Should Avoid

    Buying a home involves a tedious and time-consuming process. Amidst the ongoing real estate transaction, homebuyers often resort to annoying habits that may delay the process and make it difficult for the seller.

    Following are the 5 common complaints held against a homebuyer during the purchase process.

    1. Indecisiveness

    Buyers tend to change their mind often regarding the purchase which ultimately leads to the deal being not fruitful. Even though it is acceptable to have doubts regarding the facts related to a property, moving from one project to the other constantly according to their fancy should be avoided.

    2. Unreasonable offers

    During negotiations, most home buyers tend to make unreasonably low offers and resort to excessive haggling. It is advised to make a justifiable offer which considers the property value even if the buyer is not happy with the quoted price.

    3. Missing schedules

    Missing a scheduled property visit is another annoying habit that homebuyers make. It is considered to be impolite and inconsiderable of the seller for his time and efforts for arranging the visit.

    4. Multiple visits

    Asking for multiple visits to the property with family members, interior designers and property experts for their opinion can cause trouble for the seller. It may not be feasible every time for the seller to accommodate these requests owing to the fact there will also be other interested buyers for the same property.

    5. Unkind criticism

    It is often a negotiating tactic of the buyer to point out defects in the property to pressurise the seller into reducing the price. This habit of unkind criticism is unwelcome in a real estate deal and the buyer should always be open to options available rather than resorting to coercing the seller.

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