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  • 5 House Warming Tips For Your New Home
    October 1, 2017

    5 House warming tips for your new home

    House warming or Griha Pravesh is of utmost significance when moving into a new home. The ancient Indian science of architecture Vastu Shastra regards Griha Pravesh as a prominent step in the first entry to a newly constructed house. It is believed that the house warming ceremony is an auspicious moment which brings peace and prosperity into the new home. The ceremony is also conducted to ward off evil or negative energies and to purify the living space.

    Below are some house warming tips that are said to harness positive energy into the new home.

     1. Auspicious timing

    Indians believe that an auspicious timing or shubh muhurat is mandatory for entering a new home as it is considered to bring good fortune. The right time is to be ascertained after consulting astrological charts as planetary alignments can influence happiness, health and prosperity of the family in the new home.

     2. Completed construction

    According to Vastu Shastra, a Griha Pravesh should only be performed when the new house is completely ready for the family to shift. The construction should be completed on the roof, doors, windows and other fittings. The house should be fully done up and freshly painted.

     3. Pujas & Havan

    Vastu Puja is held before the Griha Pravesh ceremony to invoke the blessings of Vastu Purush who is the presiding deity of Vastu and to cancel out any possible errors in construction and any violations to the flow of earth’s natural energy. A Ganesh Puja and Navagraha Shanti are also performed before Griha Pravesh to worship the god and the nine planets. A havan is conducted to purify the space and to cleanse any negative forces for installing harmony.

     4. Decorations

    The main doorway should be decorated with garland or toran made from flowers and mango leaves and auspicious symbols like rangoli, swastika and Lakshmi feet are to be drawn on the threshold to invite the goddess of fortune.

     5. Entering the house

    Before entering the house, a coconut should be broken to signify the removal of obstacles. It is believed auspicious to put the right foot first while entering. After Griha Pravesh, milk is made to boil over in the kitchen as a sign of prosperity. Also, it is mandatory for the family to sleep in the new house on the night of the house warming ceremony.

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