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  • 5 Must-Have Security Gadgets In An Apartment Complex
    December 9, 2017

    5 Must-Have Security Gadgets In An Apartment Complex

    Security is an important attribute of an apartment complex. Many choose apartment living or gated communities solely because of the advantage of a secured and constantly monitored vicinity. Apart from a round-the-clock service of security personnel, there are equipment and surveillance systems employed to monitor unwanted activities in the premises.

    Here are 5 security gadgets that should be used in an apartment complex.

    1. CCTV Cameras

    CCTV surveillance is now vital in constantly monitoring the apartment complex. Common but deserted areas like corridors, staircases, lobby, parking, play areas, etc. can be kept under a watchful eye with CCTV cameras. These are also important tools in preventing thefts and other malpractices as they remind people that they are being watched.

    2. Security alarm systems

    A burglar alarm or intruder alarm system quickly alerts the residents and the neighbourhood on occasion of thefts or intruders and so is a great method to secure the apartment even when the residents are away. Innovative upgrades of alarm systems available nowadays can also trigger alerts to mobiles and can even be integrated with fire alarm systems.

    3. Intercom

    Intercom connectivity within apartments and to the security outpost at the main entrance offers quick access to help while in case of emergency. This telephone facility is the quickest way to spread word if an evacuation is needed in an apartment complex.

    4. Video door phones

    These facilitate interaction between the residents and strangers without allowing them access to the apartments. Video door phones also record visuals of visitors even when the residents are not home. Advanced models also allow linking the equipment to the mobile phone to enable interaction with the visitor when not at home.

    5. Fire extinguishers

    It is mandatory for residential projects to install fire extinguishers in every building and it is also recommended to have additional fire extinguishers at each apartment to ensure that any possible emergency can be handled effectively and in time. The residents should also be taught on how to use the equipment when in need.

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