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  • 5 Quick Home Care Tips for Monsoon
    June 16, 2019

    It is finally time to say goodbye to the scorching heat of the sun. The beautiful monsoon showers have begun pouring and pouring continuously. But like every other good thing, monsoon also can be troublesome if we do not take proper precautions and actions. Constant subjection to water can damage our home interiors. Repairing these damages later can get expensive and difficult. So here are some quick and easy home care tips which you can follow in order to avoid such extensive damages at home during the monsoon season.

    1. Remove Dampness

    With monsoon comes high humidity which can cause dampness in your house. Homeowners must make sure that they remove dampness from the entire house and keep it dry so that the home does not go through any damages. It will also prevent diseases.

    2. Keep the doors dry

    Have you noticed the difficulty in opening and closing of the wooden doors during monsoon? Well, the reason is that they swell up in this season due to the presence of humidity. The best way to prevent this is by varnishing your wooden doors with sandpaper before the arrival of monsoon.

    3. Clean the carpets

    We have all come across situations where our carpets start to smell bad during the rains. This is due to the deposition of water, dust, and other pests. The trick is to clean your carpets on a regular basis. Vacuum it and dry it and cover these carpets with a polythene sheet to prevent it from getting damp.

    4. Protect your furniture’s

    Wood is a material which can easily get damaged during the monsoon. Getting it replaced can be very costly. So make sure that you do not subject your wooden furniture to water. Also, use naphthalene balls inside wooden shelves to keep the clothes moisture free.

    5. Fight the foul smell

    It is not easy to stay in a home that smells odd. Get rid of the foul smell which monsoon season brings in by regularly cleaning your house. Keep potpourri mixed with some essential oil in a ceramic container at your home to fight the stench. Scented candles also make your home smell fresh.

    With these easy and quick tips, keep your homes safe during this monsoon season. Read our blogs and get more home care tips