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  • 5 Reasons Why Ladder Mankav Greens Enjoy The Best Connectivity
    October 30, 2017

    5 Reasons Why Ladder Mankav Greens Enjoy The Best Connectivity

    Calicut is now a hub of myriad changes that aim to make the city one of the prime destinations in Kerala. Facing expansion in every sphere, the city has also become one among the preferred locations for the booming real estate sector. Mankavu, a fast-developing suburb in the heart of Calicut is also growing exponentially with the city and has become a highly preferred residential area with the availability of quality living spaces and the proximity to social infrastructures. And located in the midst of this developing hub is Ladder Mankav Greens, the flagship project of Ladder Kerala, one of the top builders of flats and apartments in Calicut. Utilizing the vast opportunities provided by the changing sector, Ladder Mankav Greens boasts of numerous advantages that help it provide the best of urban living.

    Here are 5 reasons why Ladder Mankav Greens excel in providing seamless connectivity.

     1. Transportation networks

    Located near Mankavu road which is a major thoroughfare in Calicut, the project enjoys flawless connectivity to all prime transportation modes such as railways, airport and other public transportation facilities.

     2. Educational institutions

    Proximity to the best educational facilities such as IIM Kozhikode, NIT, Government Medical College and private and international schools make Mankav Greens an ideal choice which lets you plan and ensure your child’s future.

     3. Medical facilities

    The project sits just a few kilometres away from the city’s healthcare providers such as MIMS Calicut, Baby Memorial Hospital and Kozhikode Medical College, etc. Your health woes will be well taken care of with these reliable medical services nearby.

     4. IT sector

    Situated in Calicut which is one of the largest IT/ITES hubs of Kerala, the project is in close proximity to offices of many of the leading companies in the IT sector. Stressful commutes will be a thing of the past with your workplace next your home at Mankav Greens.

     5. Tourist attractions

    Along with finding yourself amidst the rich culture and history of Calicut, you will be accustomed to major tourist routes nearby that extends to Wayanad, Mysore, Bangalore, etc. when living at Ladder Mankav Greens.