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  • 5 Reasons to Have Indoor Plants in Your Home
    May 17, 2017

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    A ravishing garden and a beautifully done landscape constitute the dream house of many people. With more and more people opting for apartment living gardens out in the sun have found their way indoors, giving not just the ‘feel’ of nature but a lot more.

    Here are 5 main benefits your indoor plants would yield you.

    1.  Indoor plants purify the air

    You indoors are filled with chemicals as much as it is present outside, toxins come from the cleaning products you use, paints on the walls and furniture, from the textile and shoes and so on. In fact your small space contains more pollutants than your external surroundings.  Plants are natural air purifiers which when kept indoor absorb the toxic substances inside. Some of the plants that would help you improve the air quality inside include Aloe Vera, Peace lily, Heart leaf philodendron, Green Spider plant, Golden Pothos, Snake plant and Red edged Draceana.

     2.  They keep illness away

    Indoor plants help humidify the air inside and keep illnesses like cold, dry cough, sore throat, and dry skin away. This might not be very appealing during the times of heavy moisture but would definitely help you stay healthy during the hot times. Several researches have proved their ability to deter and fight illness, like Eucalyptus helps to clear congestion in one’s body.

    3.  They help you work smarter

    Plants kept in the interiors have been proven to sharpen one’s attention and helps him work smarter. Same is it with students, indoor plants boost concentration and enabling them learn and memorize better. The science behind this is that these plants bring down the stress level, improve your mood, and make you more optimistic and happier.

    4.  They help you sleep better

    Sleeplessness is mostly a result of stress and anxiety. Plants like jasmine and lavender together with all other plants mentioned before soothe your body and mind by lowering the heart rate and blood pressure.

    5.  Indoor plants can be some of the finest home decors

    Beyond all the aforesaid benefits they offer, indoor plants are visually very appealing and thus one of the best choices for home décor. Terrariums, decorative pots and hanging fixtures can transform your simple space to a graceful home.

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