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  • 5 Things to Check before Buying a Property in Calicut for NRIs
    July 28, 2017

    5 Things to Check before Buying a Property in Calicut for NRIs

    Calicut is the largest urban area in Kerala and a centre for major real estate investments in the state. It attracts investors and homebuyers across the state, especially from the NRIs owing to the fast growth of real estate segment in the city. Buying your dream home is a heavy investment business and requires you to spend a considerable amount of time and energy in its pre-purchase stage. Take note of the following points to make a wise decision while purchasing a property in Calicut.

     1. Location

    A myriad of factors combine to form a good location, connectivity tops them all. Other aspects of a good location is the proximity to social infrastructures like schools, hospitals and employment centres, appreciation of the property and a good and refined neighbourhood . If you can find a site away from the hassles of the city along with all the aforesaid features, then it’s the place for you.

     2. Amenities

    Home is not a home anymore with the absence of world class amenities. Calicut has always been keen on upgrading itself to the latest technology and amenities to make living a delightful experience. Fully equipped health clubs, recreational facilities, party areas, convenient parking facilities, swimming pools, jogging tracks etc. are the norms today. Thus always make it a point that you choose a property with good number of amenities set in the latest technology.

     3. Cost

    Having stated the importance of classy facilities, it should also be mentioned that you need to keep an eye on your budget. The cost of the project depends not just on the size of your property but also the amenities offered by the builder. You might need to gain an in depth understanding about of basis of charges and the extent of facilities offered by different apartments. Calculate your budget and make a list of the amenities that you require well before engaging in property search to keep yourself focused.

     4. Quality

    Ultimately, its quality that matters when you envisage a long term handling of the property. Even from a reselling perspective, the structural quality and the performance of various fittings assume huge importance. Assessing the structural quality of a fully furnished property would be a tough task for laymen, seek help from experts in the field to ensure the quality of the building, its plumbing and electrical works before signing an agreement of purchase.

     5. Builder’s Reputation

    The builder you choose has a lot to say about your home, so choose your builder wisely. Gathering data about the previous projects undertaken by the builder and interacting with the experts in the field will give you an idea about the status of your builder in the market. After all, real estate is a business based on trust and choose a builder whom you can entrust your savings with!

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