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  • 5 Things To Check Before Investing In High-Rise Buildings
    December 8, 2017

    5 Things To Check Before Investing In High-Rise Buildings

    High-rise buildings are now the most preferred structures for living spaces in the cities. These residential towers can accommodate more people in the limited space in a crammed city. Due to its many benefits like better ventilation, scenic views, safety from polluted air, privacy and high capital appreciation, high-rise buildings are a good investment option.

    Here are 5 things to consider before investing in a high-rise building.

    1. Builder’s credibility

    Always verify the developer’s reputation as it is advisable to invest in a project by a reputed builder. A background check should be done know about the developer’s successful projects, market credibility and duration of project completion.

    2. Verify approvals

    Verification of documents and certificates such as site plan, drawings approval, height clearance certificate, sewage clearance certificate, environment clearance certificate, certificate for occupancy and completion, etc. should be done to ensure that the builder has acquired the necessary permissions for the construction of the high-rise building.

    3. Check amenities

    It is recommended to check the list of amenities promised by the builder to avoid chances of discrepancies regarding facilities such as drinking water supply, fire outbreak and emergency evacuation. Ensure that the amenities and facilities assured by the builder are duly met.

    4. Learn about the floors                                     

    Selecting the appropriate floor is important while investing in a high-rise building. Top floors are high in demand due to scenic views, proper light and ventilation and high capital appreciation. Middle floors are also considered a good investment option as they share both the advantages of the floors above and below them. Ground floors often have limited access to light and ventilation and also experiences more heat than the upper floors during summers.

    5. Find out about the technologies used

    Construction of high-rise buildings requires high-end technologies for electricity and water supply to the upper floors when compared to the low-rise ones. Precision and high-quality construction are also vital for high-rise building so as to avoid long-term problems and delays in completion.

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