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  • 5 Tips To Enhance The Entrance Of Your Home
    January 11, 2018

    5 Tips To Enhance The Entrance Of Your Home

    Entrance marks the first impression about the house. So, it should be organised to bring forth an attractive appeal. It should also be noted that the space should not be restricted to mere beautification, as utilitarian elements can also be added to utilize its functionality.

    Following are 5 tips to redefine the appeal of your home entrance.

    1. Built-in storage bench

    A built-in storage bench will serve dual purposes of being a storage for footwear, rain coats, etc. while also being a bench to sit on while wearing or removing the footwear. You can also utilise this bench for sitting leisurely outside your home.

    2. Shoe rack

    If there is no sufficient space for placing a storage bench in the entrance, you can always keep a shoe rack for organizing the footwear outside the home. Both the inhabitants and guests can make use of this shoe rack to avoid muddy footprints inside the house.

    3. Corner shelf

    Some entrances in homes will be designed as a foyer. In these spaces, corner shelves and floating shelves are not only a fashionable addition but also a utilitarian element for organising keys, footwear and sport items.

    4. Umbrella holder

    In rainy seasons, an umbrella holder will save you from constantly moping the entryway floor and aesthetically organises drenched umbrellas. Instead of an umbrella holder, a colourful pot would also suffice for the purpose while also being a creative element.

    5. Artistic elements

    Adding an artistic appeal to the entrance will create a great impression for the guests. Bright wall colours, floral designs, vibrant paintings, ornamental designs and flower arrangements are some of the decorative elements you can add in an entrance.

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