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  • 5 Tips To Reduce Power Consumption At Home
    December 18, 2017

    5 Tips To Reduce Power Consumption At HomeRising energy costs are a concern at every home. Even though, it is unimaginable to live without appliances in your home, effective action should be taken to curb the increase in power consumption in day-to-day life.

    Here are 5 tips to control the energy expenditure at your home.

    1. Energy-efficient appliances

    It is advised to invest in energy efficient equipment even if they come with an expensive price tag. Over the years, the higher investment will be paid off as reduced electricity bills. Buy home appliances which have the energy efficient rating as per the guidelines of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED is also an energy saving practice.

    2. Proper insulation

    Heating and cooling systems constitute almost 40 percent of a house’s electricity bill. Proper insulation of the house is an easy way to ensure that these systems work effectively. Ensure that there are no cracks in windows, doors and walls that may let in hot or cold air from the outside. Using external shades or heat rejection films on the exteriors of the windows is another method to insulate the home against heat in summer.

    3. Regulated usage of heat generating appliances

    Summers and monsoons are the seasons that see a drastic increase in the power bills due to high humidity and temperature. During these times, it is recommended to refrain from using heat generating appliances like oven. Spot ventilation using exhaust fans is an effective alternative to using cooling systems during this period.

    4. Reduced usage of AC

    Air conditioners are one among the most power-consuming appliances in a home. Even though it will be difficult to forego its usage during hotter months, it can be set to function in a moderate temperature and not at freezing points. The effect of AC can be then combined with the fan running at low or medium speed to avoid a spike in power consumption.

    5. Avoid energy wastage

    A significant amount of energy is lost during wastage and this unnecessarily rides up the power bills. Practices like setting inappropriate temperatures in ACs and water heaters, leaving TV and computers on standby, plugging in chargers unnecessarily, opening fridge door frequently, etc. should be avoided for minimizing energy expenses.

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