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  • 5 Tips To Set Up A Splendid Balcony Garden
    June 8, 2017

    balcony gardens in apartments and flats in calicut


    A green and blossomed space to open your eyes to is a dream of most of you. Apartment living enriches your days with a very well maintained garden and landscape, yet setting up a garden of your own and taking care of it every day to see it budding is a delight to both your eyes and mind. Being close to nature and contributing to it is a joy and a way to a healthy life. Here are 5 tips to help you set up a balcony garden.

     1. Plan for your balcony garden

    While planning for your balcony garden, first develop a rough idea about the elements you need there, like what kind of plants you wish to grow. When you decide about the plants, make sure that the varieties that you select flourish in your balcony. East facing balconies receive the morning sunlight, plants that require gentle sunlight would grow well in East facing balconies. The West receives sunlight during the peak hours, so plants that require maximum sunlight like the flowering plants can be grown well on this side. South is similar to the West side, but balconies facing the Northern side is mostly shady, creepers and climbers love shade and hence grow well there.

     2. Pots for growing plants

    Containers of plants should necessarily have a hole in them to let the excess water out, you also need to think about the path that excess water takes after watering them. Pots need to complement the colour and size of your balcony too. If you have a small balcony, your pots can be high and lean consuming very less space. You can experiment decorating your pots   as well to give them a personal touch. Pots shall not weigh so much for it’s better to not give your balcony too much load.

     3. Use the vertical space

    You can maximize the space available in balcony by using the verticals.  Try hanging pots, use the balcony’s railings to fix a few plants, you may even place an old shelf or rack on your balcony to place the tiny pots. Petunia, Geranium, Water Hyssop, English Ivy and Orchids are some plants that easily be hung in your balconies.

     4. Furniture

    Balconies adorned with a garden would be an exquisite place to sit and relax. Don’t overdo your balcony with too much of flower pots because you may not have ample area to place essential furniture there, like a tea table and two chairs. Always choose easy to use and maintain furniture to be used in such open spaces because they always exposed to outside weather conditions day and night. Use dark coloured furniture if you have a sunny balcony for they will heat up only slowly.

     5. Adding an extra element of beauty and feel to it

    To make your garden simple and lovely choose a colour palette for it. Do not mix flowers of all colours, a maximum of 3 colours can be used other than green to set up your balcony garden. This will delete the chance of over cluttering and give it an airy feel. You can also embellish the space with pebbles, gravel, coloured stones and accessories like hanging lamps to give it a splendid look. Smell is yet another factor that many people miss when they set up a balcony garden. Plants like Jasmine, Rosemary and Eucalyptus will fill your home with fragrance and freshness always.

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