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  • 5 Unique Home Decor Ideas For Your Home
    August 11, 2018


    The most followed pattern in home décor was to conventional décor ideas and designs to deck up the house. But, nowadays people want their homes as an expression of their true self and as a result are searching for unique and quirky home décor ideas that reflect their personality.

    Here is how to get creative with décor elements for the home.

    Quirky wall clocks

    Wall clocks have always been a fascination, but these days people are experimenting with offbeat clocks that add a quirky touch to the décor. Apart from the old grandfather clocks, a wide variety of clocks which are made from cutlery or ones that look like food, musical notes, abstract art, etc. are preferred.

    Antique utensils

    Utensils are now not restricted to the kitchen but are a part of home décor now. Antique brass and bronze utensils, kettles, hookahs, metal condiments sets, etc. are brought out into the living room and kept in display to add that rustic charm to the décor.

    Film posters

    Be it vintage Hollywood or old Bollywood, Movie buffs love adding their favourite films or genre into their home décor. Posters with pop culture references or film dialogues are in vogue these days and are now used as a focal point in the décor of a room.

    Mismatched upholstery

    Putting together mismatched upholstery in bright colours and quirky patterns is an exciting way to bring in some individuality to the home décor. Juxtaposing vibrant hues in stark backgrounds offer a stunning contrast in the interior design which help assert the unique personality of the people living in it.

    Painted staircase

    Why leave the staircases when doing up the home? Painting the steps with vibrant themes ranging from books to movies to music with bold colours and patterns will add the extra zing to the décor which is otherwise a conventional one.

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