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  • 5 Ways How Children Influence Home Buying Process
    June 11, 2018

    5 Ways How Children Influence Home Buying Process

    A home buying process may be the affair of grown up ones in the family, but in reality, children also are influencers in deciding upon certain factors that constitute a successful buying decision. Parents who are prospective home buyers rate residential projects in various criteria that meet the requirements of children and their growth needs.

    Here are 5 ways in which children influence the home buying process.

    1. Education

    Proximity to good schools and educational institutions are the first factor families with children look for in a flat or apartment. This reduces the hassles of daily commute for children, as well as provides all the necessary facilities like library and stationary close to home.

    2. Kid-friendly amenities

    To impart an active lifestyle and encourage healthy development of children, parents look for kid-friendly amenities like play area or playground, multi-purpose clubhouse, swimming pool, gardens, lawns, etc.

    3. Open area

    Flats and apartments with open spaces or dedicated open play zones encourage playtime to a great extent. There should be enough space inside a residential project for the children to run around and engage in a rewarding active play session.

    4. Safety

    Safety of the child is also a crucial factor that parents look for in a flat or apartment. Along with the presence of round the clock security service and CCTV surveillance, most parents also research about the neighbourhood to learn about the criminal statistics.

    5. Space

    The prospective home should be able to accommodate the needs of the growing family. The flat or apartment should be equipped to facilitate an extra space for the growing child when he or she wishes to have his or her own room. A multipurpose space which can be transformed according to the need is also a great option to have in a home with kids.

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