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  • 5 Ways That a Smart Home Can Ease Your Life
    August 25, 2018

    ways that a smart home can ease your life - apartments in Calicut

    Everything is smart nowadays. Your phone is smart. The technology which you use is smart. It’s time that your home gets smart too.

    With the advent of smart cities, technology has made it to our homes as well. The best tech companies in the world are constantly innovating to design and craft creative home products that are aimed at enhancing our lives and making life easier.

    Here are a few ways that a smart home can ease your life, protect your close ones and home –

    1. Smart Home Security
    Technology gives you a strong upper hand when it comes to the security of your family and home. Door locks can be made smart with keyless entries and integration with your smart home. No more headaches of leaving keys outside under the mat or handing it out to your neighbours. You can set entry codes for your family members or friends. For surveillance, indoor and outdoor cameras can be viewed from your smartphone for live monitoring with signals if any movement is detected.

    2. Smart Lighting
    Imagine lightings that are according to your daily reactions. Smart lights are those that brighten when you wake up and diminish when you want to sleep. You can also turn it on when you’re away to make it look you’re your home is occupied.

    3. Smart Care
    Get notified the moment excess water is detected in your home where it doesn’t belong, or smoke is detected in your home. And by notifying you of the problem, you can address the issue to prevent it from causing any further problems.

    4. Smart Family Connection
    Always know where your kids are, get notified when they come from school every day, know if there is any emergency at home, or if your pets leave the home unexpectedly. You can monitor and secure dangerous and off-limit areas with sensors as well.

    5. Smart Energy Consumption
    You can control your home’s lighting, AC or other appliances while away. Also, you can change the settings accordingly to run at a time when power is available at a lower cost.

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