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  • 5 Ways To Add Positivity In The House
    September 7, 2018

    5 ways to add positivity in the house - flats and apartments in calicut

    The hectic lifestyle of the modern life often drains away the positivity. And as is at homes where people find safe refuge from the stress and tension, they should be a place of peace and sanctuary while also ensuring an aura of positivity.

    Here are 5 effective ways to add positivity to your home

    1. Bring in nature
    The tranquillity that nature offers can be brought into the homes through plants and mini-gardens. Plants like jasmine, lily etc. are recommended for good energy vibes, inner peace, positivity and serenity. Sage plants help open up consciousness and inspire spirituality, while the fragrance of lavender promotes relaxation.

    2. Natural lighting
    The availability of ample amount of natural light during the day should be taken advantage of for a positive effect. Windows can be kept open during the day with the curtains pulled aside to let the interiors bask in the golden rays of the sunlight.

    3. De-clutter
    A cluttered home filled with furniture, gadgets and show pieces also tend to suffocate the mind. De-cluttering the home and promoting minimalism in the interiors is ideal for spreading positivity and joy.

    4. Convex mirrors
    Vastu dictates that mirrors ward of negativity and attract positivity. When positioned correctly, mirrors can enhance the energy in a space. Placing convex mirrors on the exterior of the house is considered most ideal to ward off negative energies.

    5. Colours
    As bright colours are associated with happiness and vibrancy, using them in home d├ęcor through wall paints, design elements, accents, art, etc. help create an uplifting mood in the house. Muted colours can also be used to denote balance and calm, while colours like green and brown promote natural tranquillity.

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