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  • 5 Ways To Make Your Home Elder-Friendly
    June 29, 2018

    5 ways to make your home elder-friendly

    Elderly may often find it cumbersome to move around in a home that is not arranged according to their requirements. Even attending to their basic needs will appear difficult in the lack of a safe and convenient surrounding that is tailored for their use. Making the home elder-friendly is an effective solution to help the seniors in the family to be safe and comfortable. Following are five easy methods to make your home elder-friendly

    1.  Well-lit areas
    Elder people may require twice or thrice the amount of light than normal due to vision problems that come with age. Adequate lighting is vital in the stairs and walkways to help them find their way around with ease. Placing beds beside the windows will help make use of the ample natural light, while bedside lamps and task lights provide proper illumination at sundown.

    2. Slip-resistant floors
    Bathrooms are often the high-risk zones for elderly people due to the slippery floors. Bathroom flooring that provides sufficient grip with slip-resistant surfaces or with pebble tiles are convenient choices. Installing anti-slip mats in the wet areas of the bathroom is also a safer option.

    3. High furniture
    Low furniture can cause them inconvenience in sitting down and getting up and may need assistance doing it. A higher bed is the ideal choice for a senior family member’s bedroom. Plush sofas which sink when seated upon are also a big no for elderly people.

    4. Easy to use doors and handles
    Doors with lever-style handles should be preferred over smooth doorknobs that senior people may find it difficult to operate due to conditions affecting their joints or nervous system. Avoiding heavy wooden models is also necessary to help elderly members move around on their own.

    5. Comfy lounging spaces
    Convert your balconies or space beside the windows into comfortable lounging zones for the elderly to relax or indulge in their favourite pastime. Place sturdy chairs with backrests and armrests for a comfortable sitting position instead of bean bags or swing sets that are commonly used in lounging spaces inside homes.

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