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  • 6 Quick & Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas To Do Today
    December 23, 2018

    xmas decor - flats in calicut

    Christmas tree, check. Stars, check. Wreaths and garlands, check. With just one more day left we are already in the Christmas groove. From the shiny ornaments, embellished tree to lanterns, our homes are decorated with almost every Christmas accessory. What more can we add to double the celebratory ambience?

    Here are few quick and easy Christmas décor ideas you can do today:

    1. Floating Candles
    Light up your home by placing candles in the family/living room. For a much more fascinating look try placing homemade floating candles in a bowl of water. This makes it a perfect quick & easy décor option to try.

    2. Decorate your entryway
    Put out Christmas lanterns at your entryway for a quick and easy Xmas styling. Hang them in outdoor patios and drape garlands and ribbons on staircase rails to welcome your guests with style.

    3. Glittering gifts
    Be a Secret Santa by placing memorable gifts at the bottom of your Christmas tree or stacked up on a table. Don’t forget to wrap your gifts with glittery papers and ribbons which add up to the Christmas groove.

    4. Dress up your dining table
    Looking for the easiest Christmas décor idea? Add flair to your existing table setting by decorating your table with glittery balls, playful ribbons or flaunt your expensive crockery pieces you have been saving for special occasions. Make your Christmas dinner the most memorable one!

    5. Ornamental Centerpieces
    What to do when you feel like placing a shiny centerpiece on the coffee table but time restricts you from getting one? Take a mason jar or empty glass bottle to fill it with the remaining glittery balls from decorating your tree. Get ready to be amazed by its beauty!

    6. Cards on Hangers
    If you are running short on time but still want to impress your guests, just clip your Christmas greeting cards or your favourite photographs on cloth hangers. The most easiest and quick Christmas décor you will ever do!

    The countdown for Christmas has begun and we are already in the celebratory mood. Try these quick and easy Christmas decorating tips that will surely enhance the Christmas groove to your home.